"We need to return the LD 25 team of Tim Dunn, Joanne Osborne, and Sine Kerr. These legislators fight for conservative principles, small businesses, and our agriculture community. Each of them is a citizen legislator who has served Arizona and their district with honor and integrity. They have earned your vote!"- Governor Doug Ducey

“Buckeye is one of the nation's fastest growing cities. As a farmer and a Buckeye small business owner, Representative Tim Dunn understands the needs of our community. He will work to make sure businesses thrive, and that we have the water resources we need to grow our food and our economy.” -Mayor Jackie Meck, Mayor of Buckeye 

"I am proud to support Tim Dunn for re-election in the House for District 25. He continues to be an active voice for Yuma and all rural Arizona on the state level that we can trust." -Mayor Douglas Nicholls, Mayor of Yuma

"We need someone who understands agribusiness first hand in the legislature, and Tim has proven to be just that. As a conservative farmer, Tim Dunn is a voice for rural Arizona on the state level." - Glenn Hickman