Border Security

I stand with President Trump on the border and immigration issues. For years, I have consistently advocated for securing our Border with a wall. I applaud the President for bringing the financially draining and inequitable use of chain migration to the forefront of the debate. And I believe we need to keep ICE and enforce the laws already on the books. When you enforce the laws those on the left start pushing back like we are doing an illegal act when in fact we are just following the law. With President Trump’s continued focus and renewed Congressional support, we can solve this issue.

For immigration to work for our country, I believe we need a three-pronged approach. We need to secure the border, have workplace enforcement, and a legal temporary guest worker program that we can monitor and adjust as needed. As an employer, I use E-Verify for all of our companies’ employees. I live in Yuma and understand the strain illegal immigrants pose on our society. I also understand how crucial it is to have a legal migrant workforce. There are approximately 20,000 LEGAL laborers that cross the border and return daily to work in agriculture in Yuma. We need a system that allows for this essential legal workforce and keeps out those who want to jump to the front of the line and come here through illegal means.

Those employers who knowingly disobey the law should be held accountable. Current law is suspension of the business license on the first offense and revocation on the second offense. I have consistently advocated for new technology to assist employers in better verification systems.

Tim has worked with the Governor to provide additional DPS officers and National Guard units with surveillance equipment to help U.S  Border Patrol in targeting drug cartels on the border. Tim is proud to have voted for over $544 million dollars in additional funding to secure the border. 

Defending the 2nd Amendment

Tim is an avid hunter and a strong advocate for the 2nd amendment. In the State Senate, he will continue to fight back against efforts from anti-gun advocates to limit our freedoms, and will always support our constitutional rights. Tim is a champion for our 2nd Amendment freedoms.

Defending Life

Tim is PRO LIFE and strongly opposes any public funding for abortion. Tim supports education, counseling, and other alternatives to prevent abortions. Tim will always stand up for the most vulnerable in our society, and will continue to fight for the unborn.


Despite Democrat obstruction and opposition, Tim was proud to support a substantial and needed increase in funding for teachers. In fact, during the highly publicized teacher walk out, Tim met with over 100 teachers from our district to better understand their concerns. Tim took those concerns to his fellow House members, and was able to ensure that the pay increase was in in line with inflation.

Tim is committed to local school board control. Local school boards and parents, not state or federal bureaucrats, must always set policies that are best for our kids. 

And finally, Tim supports choice in education. Arizona parents should be able to choose the right education options for their kids, and Tim is dedicated to making sure that every child gets a great education.

Water Resources

As a farmer, Tim knows firsthand the importance of securing our water future. He is proud to have led discussion that helped pass this landmark legislation that  appropriates more than $1 billion to provide loans and grants to water providers and entities for the purposes of importing water into Arizona, conservation, efficiency and reuses, and new technologies. 

For 18 years, Arizona has struggled with a drought that has had a devastating impact on our agricultural economy. The level of lake Mead is the key driver in Arizona water policy. Those areas that do not use surface water will still be under heavy scrutiny as the state makes plans for future growth. The beneficial use of water for Agriculture and continued smart growth will continue to be one of Tim’s top priorities.

Arizona can make the most of our water resources by utilizing new technology, a changed mindset, and the will for conservation by every water user in Arizona.

Our Military Community

Luke Air Force Base, Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma Proving Ground and The Barry Goldwater Bombing Range are installations that are exceptionally important to our community in LD 25. Tim grew up here in LD 25, and is committed to protecting our military communities and their families. As a military dad, Tim will always stand up for those who wear the uniform.

Election Integrity

Citizens need to have confidence in their elections. Tim’s support for legislation that will strengthen voter ID laws, stop ballot harvesting and properly maintain our voter rolls will help make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.